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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Another year and another trip to the Edisto.  Unlike last year two things were different this trip.  First we all had our sea kayaks and no one was having to paddle a shorter 10 foot recreational.  Second this is the first trip for Pepe on the Edisto and it was nice to have all of us together.   We did a shorter paddle on the first day, leaving from Colleton State Park and paddling up river for a few miles.  There was a significant benefit using the current on the way back to the cabin and we would take advantage of that current the next day on our almost 23 mile trip down river to Givhans Ferry State Park.   The weather was a bit cool as we started off on the longer paddle but it seemed to settle down and while I will not say got warm it was nice.  I kept on my layers until after lunch and was never really uncomfortable.  My fingertips were a bit numb early on but they thawed as the day went on.   The cabin was nice and except for the first night when the heater just couldn't keep  up with the cold outside it was pleasant inside.  Overall this was a great trip again and we look forward to returning and doing more segments south of Givhans Ferry.  Maybe next year we stay in one of their cabins and see what adventures we can find further south.    

For kicks I had Chat GPT rewrite the story.  Here's AI's version...

We had a blast at the Edisto this year. It was different from last time because we all brought our sea kayaks and nobody had to use a short 10 foot one. It was also Pepe's first time there and it was great to have him with us. We did a short paddle on day one, starting from Colleton State Park and going up river for a bit. Then we used the current to help us get back to the cabin. The next day we did a longer paddle, almost 23 miles, down river to Givhans Ferry State Park. It was chilly at first but it got better later. I wore layers until lunch and then I was fine. My fingers were cold at first but they warmed up eventually. The cabin was cozy and warm, except for the first night when the heater couldn't keep up. We had a lot of fun and we want to come back and explore more of the river south of Givhans Ferry. Maybe next year we can stay in one of their cabins and see what else we can find.