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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lake James 2015

Well, Helpdesk and Gusto made the trip to Lake James for a couple of hot July days.  The temp on the water was not so bad however, the evenings were quite warm.  We camped at Lake James state park and the site was a bit of a hike from the parking lot.  Given that distance we ended up taking the boats to a nearby boat ramp to launch and then paddled to our camp site.  Gusto got a shuttle ride back over to pick up the car later in the day.  We did, however, carry the boats out on the last day.  We just took our time and carried them back to the parking lot.  I expect it was maybe a quarter of a mile but it wasn’t a flat walk at all. Anyway,  the paddling was good we ended up paddling almost 11 miles on Friday and were going to paddle on Saturday but decided to head back a little early.  The camp site was nice and we had a small beach area that was perfect for sitting out and catching what little cool breeze was available on Thursday and Friday evenings.  It’s worth a trip back in the spring or fall but wouldn’t suggest a July trip again.  This spot just isn’t far enough into the mountains.  Here are some details and a short video.