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Saturday, June 2, 2012

2012 Spider Lily Run

This year we were a little late for the peak season.   According to the park ranger the lilies peaked about 2 weeks earlier.  While we still had a blast it was a little disappointing that we had missed the best part of the trip in seeing a sea of white lilies from water level.  Gusto, Helpdesk, Hiking Geer and a new addition to the team Niblet made the trip down this great section of the Catawba river on June 1, 2012.   The weather was a challenge but believe it or not we didn’t get rained on while on the water.   The afternoon storms were all around the area but never caused us any real problems.  Enjoy the video of this years trip!

2012 Landsford Canal State Park

Here are the river flows for the few days before and after our trip on June 1st.   Note that we were on the water between 2pm and 5pm
We have paddled this section with water discharge at less than 1,200 cubic feet per second.  So it looks like we were in at about 1,800 or so and it wasn't so bad.  Would like it to be over 2,000 for the best runs.

This graph shows the Gage height.  Looks to be just under 6 feet when we started.