A bucket list of adventures starring Sleepy, Hiking Geer, Gusto, Helpdesk, Rolling Peach and Pepe'

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

New River - September 26-27, 2021

Well, we finally made it back to the new river and were not disappointed.  The weather was excellent with a bit of fall in the air.  The day was sunny and warm and the evening was crystal clear and cool.  Sitting by the river late on a Sunday night provided an amazing view of the sky.  The moon was later rising and that provided the best view I've ever experienced with a look at what seemed like thousands of stars and a nice view of the milky way.  I didn't have a good camera that could do a long exposure shot so I will just have to keep that view fresh in my memory.  

Back to the story.  This was a return trip for Helpdesk and Gusto but new to our newest paddler Pepe' . 

We paddled almost 11 miles from Wagoner access to 221 access.  The water level was higher than the last trip but you still had to pay attention to avoid "hiking the river."  

On Monday we decided to just do some of the trails inside the park afterwards we broke camp and headed back.  This is still one of my favorite trips and I'm sure we will be back again and hopefully it will not be that long next time.