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Saturday, May 12, 2012

French Broad River 2012

Gusto and Helpdesk made an overnight paddle and camping trip to the French Broad river.  We put in a Rosman NC and paddled ~ 8 miles to a riverside camp.   We spent the night stuffing ourselves with Reds BBQ, chips and salsa with a few cookies to top it off.   We had a pretty good view of the moon after it broke through the scattered clouds.  The night was peaceful except for some coyotes that got a little to close to camp for comfort.  I am sure they were further away than they sounded, but we had a plan if we needed to defend our turf.  Day two we did ~13 miles into Brevard NC.  The second day had much better scenery and was a faster paddle overall.  After leaving the river we hit El Ranchero for lunch before heading back home.
Here is the track: ~21 Miles Total Trip

French Broad River Rosman to Brevard 


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French Broad River