A bucket list of adventures starring Sleepy, Hiking Geer, Gusto, Helpdesk, Rolling Peach and Pepe'

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Green River 2012

Just another great trip down the Green.  Gusto, Helpdesk and Sleepy made the run this time.  Helpdesk wrote a little song about it.  Just a couple verses… sing along in your best Johnny Cash voice.
I hear that water comin’
Running ‘round the bend
I hope to see the sunshine
As we try to score a ten

Sleepy will be backward
No matter what Gusto Said
The water rushing quickly
Helpdesk shakes his head!

The day will be a good one
Another for the list
We are getting older
But giv’n the green our best
Link to all the photo’s

Green River 2012