A bucket list of adventures starring Sleepy, Hiking Geer, Gusto, Helpdesk, Rolling Peach and Pepe'

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Charleston December 2019

Well, we started the year with Gusto, Hiking Geer and Helpdesk making a trip to Cat Island on the Wando River and then a run out to Bull Island.  For this December trip we paddled to Morris Lighthouse on Friday December 5th and down the Ashley on December 6th.   Both were great paddles and very different.   The last time we paddled to Morris Lighthouse the terrain was so different.  I can only speculate that hurricane Dorian has some effect.  See the two photos of generally the same area.

2017 Morris Lighthouse

2019 Morris Lighthouse

We had an awesome time going out and back.  This was about a 10 mile round trip but with little wind and hitting the tides right there were no issues.

On Saturday we did something new and put in on the Ashley at the Howard Bridgman Access at Bacons Bridge and traveled a little over 3 miles to Jessen Landing.  The river was similar to our trips on the Edisto.  Narrow at the start but widened as we traveled south.  The black water caused by decaying leaves and other plants give this part of the river that Edisto feel.  Just a bit of trivia.  The Edisto River name originated from the native america word "edisto" meaning "black."  

All our photo's can be found here:

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Charleston April 2019

Well,  just got back from the first paddling trip of the year.  Outside of Alaska the gang didn't do much paddling.  We have a renewed purpose to now get in as much as possible.  The time for the bucket list is upon us.

That being said, Helpdesk, Hiking Geer and Gusto made the trip to Sullivan's Island for a couple of days as paddling.  On Friday we did a short trip to Cat Island on the Wando River.  It rained hard in the morning so we waited until as late as possible to catch the last of low tide for the trip down river.  Once there, the low tide had exposed a lot of beach and this area is great for finding sharks teeth.  We probably found close to a dozen or so.  Mostly small but nice nonetheless.   You can see the rows of dark rock and shells that are the hiding places for small sharks teeth in the photo below.

On Saturday it was a great day with no rain early.  We took the tide out to Bull Island for lunch and a long walk on the many trails found there.  Saw a couple of very small gators but no big ones this time out.

Look closely... can you see the gator?