A bucket list of adventures starring Sleepy, Hiking Geer, Gusto, Helpdesk, Rolling Peach and Pepe'

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bull Island October 2008

Helpdesk, Gusto, Sleepy and Hiking Geer had one incredible weekend on Sullivan's Island! The weather was perfect the paddling was awesome and the company was top notch. Gusto, Helpdesk and Sleepy went down on Thursday night, unfortunately Hiking Geer had to work, but that didn't stop us. Helpdesk and Gusto hit the water early Friday morning while sleepy...well, slept. We did the Shem Creek trip to Shem Creek Bar and Grill for lunch. Sleepy met up with us there and then he took off for a tour around the island. Late Friday night, and I mean late, Hiking Geer shows up and we make plans for Bull Island on Saturday. Could not ask for a better day to paddle. Here are a few photo's.

Bone-yard Beach

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Catawba River Segment - River Park to Upper Landsford Canal

Gusto and I completed another Catawba section. The area between River Park and Sugar creek seemed to be the more enjoyable part of this trip. The water was down but we were still able to average close to 3 miles an hour including stops for lunch and breaks. In certain sections we were able to maintain speeds of just over 4mph for long stretches. 18 miles in just over 6 hours. Great day to be on the water.

Catawaba Segment - River Park to Upper Landsford Canal

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gusto, Helpdesk and Sleepy made a trip down the Edisto River during March 2008. We stayed in a cabin at Givhans Ferry State Park. The cabin was nice with a small kitchen, screen porch, two bedrooms (one with bunk beds). The three of us did one section on the north part of the trail about 21 miles. The next day Gusto and Helpdesk did another quick 7 miles just north of the state park back to the cabin.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lansford Canal May 2008

Gusto and Helpdesk took a Memorial day run down the Catawba to see the Spider Lilies. The water was low however, it was not as bad as I expected after seeing the first set of rocks just around the top of the "Big Island." It was slow going trying to pick the best spots and we stayed far right for most of the trip. We plan a return trip on June 4th hope the water is up some by then. Attached is the river level. Based on the park rangers they don't take out canoe trips with less than 1,500 cubic feet per minute. As you can see here on May 26th it was running at around 900. The triangles show the median over 8 years so the water was down significantly.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Green River

This is the Green River. We have paddled this one a number of times and its always enjoyable. Fred is well known for paddling this little river backwards.