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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Charleston 2013

Well, we made another trip to the Charleston area.  This year we did two trips in the area.  First we put in at Remleys Point on the Cooper River and paddled down past the USS Yorktown and Patriots Point to Shem Creek.  We stopped for lunch at Shem Creek Bar and Grill (great place for a lunch you have to try their fried okra!) .  After leaving Shem Creek we paddled back to Sullivan's Island for a total of 8.7 miles.  Great day for a paddle and we timed the tides just about as perfect as we could.
On day two we traveled up the Ashley to Charlestowne Landing.  You can see it all in the video below.  Overall a great trip as usual.
Charleston SC October 2013
Here is the Every Trail GPS tracks and other data
Cooper River Charleston SC

Cooper River Speed Profile
Speed Cooper River

Ashley River GPS

Ashley River Speed Profile
Speed Ashley River

Friday, September 13, 2013

Lake Jocasee September 2013

Gusto and Helpdesk took our new rides to good o'le Lake Jocassee.  The weather was great, however a little warm at night.  We paddled up to the foothills trail and camped on Sunday then paddled back to Devils Fork on Monday for a second night.   We covered some serious miles and did so at a fairly fast pace with the new kayaks.  Monday was the best as we only saw a few boats on the lake and the winds were calm and the water was still.  We just sliced right through it with little effort.
Here is a high level view of our GPS track
GPS Overview of Jocassee
Took a few good snapshots as well.  See the entire photo gallery click here
Ok,  let’s get down to some stats on this trip.  The total trip miles was 24.04 miles
Day One stats:

Total Day One Distance 11.8 Miles
Minimum speed:
0.4 mph
Maximum speed:
5.1 mph
Average climbing speed :
4 mph
Average descent speed :
4 mph
Average flat speed:
3.9 mph
Average speed:
4 mph

Day one Speed Profile
Day One Track
On to Day Two:
Total Day 2 Distance 12.24 Miles
Minimum speed:
0.4 mph
Maximum speed:
5.9 mph
Average climbing speed :
4 mph
Average descent speed :
4 mph
Average flat speed:
3.9 mph
Average speed:
4 mph
Day Two Speed Profile
Day Two Track

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fishing Creek Lake

Gusto and Helpdesk took their new rides for a paddle down the Catawba River into the mouth of Fishing Creek Lake.

Fishing Creek Lake (click for more details)

Max Speed 6.7 mph
(Gusto broke the earlier Mark with less help from the current no less)
Moving Average 3.8 mph
Moving Time 2 hours 19 min
Overall Average 3.4 mph
Distance 8.87 miles

Monday, June 17, 2013

Maiden Voyage

This is the maiden voyage of Gusto's new Essence 17' touring kayak.  Helpdesk has only been out one more time with his new Storm GT.  We tried a few edge turns and generally just tried to get use to the new rides.  Helpdesk almost capsized Gusto's boat trying to edge turn.  Reminder to all paddlers putting your hand in the water to keep you from flipping doesn't really work.  Somehow I was able to recover and thank goodness there is no video of that little mishap.  Can't wait to get more time on the water in these.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

2013 “Ski Bowl” weekend

This year it was back to good ole Sugar Mountain!  We arrived very late on Thursday night and woke up to single digit temps outside.  Gusto and I took a short morning stroll through new snow that had fallen overnight. 



Saturday we took a trip up to a vineyard and generally trekked around the mountains.

0209005 0209004


Sunday we hit the slopes at Beech Mountain.  It snowed the entire time we were on the mountain. 

Ski Beech
Helpdesk–how slow can he go?

Sunday before kickoff we took a hike in the woods.

Small mountain trail