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Friday, September 9, 2011

Cheraw State Park September 9, 2011

Gusto and Helpdesk wanted to finally mark this one off our bucket list. The drive to Cheraw wasn't too bad. From Fort Mill it took about 1.5 hours to the park. Hope you enjoy the photo's and video. The cypress trees were more than I expected and we were able to paddle much further up the creek that feeds lake Juniper than either of us would have thought based on the maps that we had of the area. Wildlife that we spotted; two snakes, herons, beaver, deer, ducks, and something that splashed pretty good in the small creek area. Hope it wasn't a gator! For a full view of the trip on Every Trail click here

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saluda River August 2011

Helpdesk, Gusto, Sleepy and Rolling Peach took on the Saluda in Columbia SC on this breezy and somewhat overcast day.  We started at the Riverbanks Zoo put in and paddled about 5.5 miles in fairly low water conditions.  Attached is our route, a few pictures and a video.  Enjoy..

2011 Saluda River at EveryTrail

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Green River

Nothing like a early July trip to the Green. The water was great as there has been some showers each day and the hydro plant was producing at 100% providing for a great water level. Gusto, Sleepy and Helpdesk made this trip. Helpdesk has a new GoPro HD camera that he mounted on the front of the boat. I think it made some great shots of the action. Take special note at about the 1:30 mark. You will see some cool slow motion thanks to filming at 60 frames per second. Ok, sorry for that last comment probably more than you wanted to know. Anyway, enjoy the footage.
PS. For the best picture make sure the youtube settings are set for 480p. You can check that by looking at the bottom right of the video window.

Mountain Island Lake

Helpdesk and Dan went out to Latta Plantation for a paddle on Mountain Island Lake. I forgot to bring extra batteries so... we only got maybe half the trip. But for what we did a very comfortable and steady paddle. We averaged about 2mph as we explored the coves and creeks of the lake. It was a great morning as the skies were overcast most of the morning and we found shade early. However as the morning wore on we found ourselves looking for any bit of shade we could find. We did take a swim when we returned to the shore. Overall a great paddle.


Mountain Island Lake at EveryTrail

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spider Lilies May 26, 2011

Gusto, Helpdesk and Dan (got to get him a trail name) made a trip to Landsford Canal today to check out the Spider Lilies. We first made a stop at 521 BBQ for a good ole helping of pork BBQ, Fries and Hush-puppies. All probably considered excellent food to begin a day in 90 degree heat on the river. The water level wasn't the best but certainly higher than the last time Gusto and I made the trip. I didn't take a camera but the Lilies were just past peak so we hit it at a fairly good time. All in all an excellent trip. Below is the Google Earth view of our trip today.

Spider Lilies May 26, 2011

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