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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cat Island on the Wando River

Helpdesk, Gusto, Sleepy and Hiking Geer made the trip to Cat Island on the Wando River.  We pushed it to about the last weekend possible weather wise.  We woke up to a chilly Saturday morning and made our way over to Paradise Landing.  There was only one other brave sole and his son at the launch point.  With the wind at our back but the tide against us we paddled down the Wando to Cat Island in search of sharks teeth (well, we were just going to paddle anyway so it wasn’t like it was a sharks tooth mission or anything).
Stats going (Again wind at the back does not offset incoming tide!)
As you can see it took us 1 hour and 48.55 minutes to get there with an average moving speed of 2.4. The tide makes more of an impact that I previously thought.  Look at this stats on the exact same trip back (well, it is a tad shorter since the track on the trip out also includes a small trip to the back of the island.)
Moving average is now 3.2 and we did it in 1 hour 9 minutes.  This was near the end of high tide so I wonder if the push would have been more if we had caught the incoming tide a bit earlier as planned. 
Here are a few photo’s as well.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Green River - August 2014

Helpdesk and Gusto made it back to the Green this year after missing a year.  It sure was nice getting back on this stretch of river.  This year we had two cameras so you will see footage from both boats which is very nice.  The weather was overcast most of the day with the sun peeking through just briefly.  Cool temps and good water level allowed for an excellent day on the river.  Enjoy.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Jocassee May 2014

Well, spring is in the air and it’s time to begin the paddling season.  Gusto and Helpdesk took one for the team and headed out to Devils Fork State Park for a day and a half of paddling.  We camped at the park with plans to explore the Thompson River and Coley Creek with a short stop by Wright Creek.  Later we decided to add a trip toward the Whitewater River and by the Bad Creek Pump Storage station.  But before we start that story let me say that on Wednesday night May 21st we did one of the coolest trips so far.  Around 10pm we decided to head out for a night paddle.  The skies were mostly clear and we were able to see stars that you just don’t get to see in the city.  If I had only taken my camera.  Gusto saw three shooting stars and I’m not sure why but Helpdesk only caught the first one in his sights.  Way awesome trip and a must do next time we camp on the lake. 

So, Thursday we headed out and for some crazy reason Helpdesk didn’t bring the GPS.  So, I had to draw up the following map to help show the path.  While not as precise it will have to do.  The Purple line is our path on Thursday and the Orange line is the path for Friday (the cool thing about being the Helpdesk and webmaster is I get to pick the colors.  No Garnet and Black here!)


The best I can estimate with Google Map tools.  We did about 12.5 miles on Thursday and just under 9 miles on Friday.  These numbers are the best I can come up with and can not be disputed Smile .  Below are some photos and a short video of the trip.






The rest of the photos can been seen here Jocassee 2014

Jocassee May 2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Just a reminder of some of our past trips

Let’s hope that 2014 brings more good times and things we can mark off the ole’ bucket list.

Great Times!