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Sunday, October 4, 2020

October 2020 Lake Jocassee

 Gusto and Helpdesk spent three days and two nights on the lake.   We paddled up to the Toxaway river and camped on the foothills trail.   We left Devils Fork State Park and made the ~8 mile paddle up the to camp.   The wind was heavy across the large body of water for the first section requiring us to use our rudder or skeg to track straight.   Once we made that crossing the wind calmed down for the rest of the paddle.   Gusto pointed out a few Monarch Butterflies headed south as we paddled north.  Helpdesk would have missed that totally as they have nothing to do with electronics.  Glad Gusto has an eye for nature. We saw a sign when we got back to the park office, that 90% of the Monarch population has been lost in the past 10 years. Devil’s Fork State Park is trying to help by leaving more natural areas to provide places for the Monarchs to stop, rest and eat. 

Once at camp we had little time to scout around as nightfall was not far off.  We found a good spot and set camp. Thursday's route is in red and Friday is in green.

We bought all our gear up from the boats and laid it out on the table.  Amazing what we can get in out two kayaks!

After setting up camp we had Salmon burgers and then went for a short walk to the swinging bridge to enjoy a full harvest moon and some bourbon.  The air was crisp and sitting on the bridge was refreshing and watching the full moon rise was amazing.  The light was bright and the sky was totally clear .  

On Friday we paddled to Laurel Falls 

from there we headed over to horse pasture river.   Friday's route is in green (see the map above) and the total distance on was ~9.5 miles .  

We took some great photos Click here to see the entire album

Saturday morning we broke camp and headed home.   The weather was spectacular the entire trip.  Couldn't have asked for more .

Until next time.