A bucket list of adventures starring Sleepy, Hiking Geer, Gusto, Helpdesk, Rolling Peach and Pepe'

Saturday, September 5, 2020

2020 Green River

We returned to the Green River for a early September float.   We had a new paddler with us this time in Pepe' .  After joking for a long time about taking the first set of rapids backward he almost did!  But better than Sleepy on his first trip Pepe' corrected course and mastered the raging rapids (well, they weren't raging but I had to add some spice here).   But let me go back an hour or so.  Gusto, Helpdesk and Pepe' first met up with Sleepy at the Hare and Hound in Landrum SC for some lunch.  Great place and really good chicken salad wrap.  I failed to get a second shot with Sleepy in the mix.  He was a bit slow getting there.. I know.. 

Once on the river we had some good water but wasn't quite as much as we expected from the forecasted two units running at the hydro station.   As it turns out I think we were about an 1.5 hours early for that second unit.  Things really picked up on the second half of the trip and we saw Sleepy tip over and not long after Pepe' got stuck and then sunk his boat.  That was a bit of a challenge as the flow seemed to be ever increasing.  But we all made it with no more than some bruises and sore muscles here and there.  

Here is a video of the adventure

Green River Part two (Splashdown) 

Oh, first time with 4 boats on the Rav as well.  Wonder if that is why they call it the Rav4?  Humm.