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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Helpdesk Makes a Trip to Mt. Rainier

Well, business took me out to the north west but a can’t miss opportunity took me to Mt. Rainier.  When you are in Seattle you are too close to miss out on a good thing.  So here are a few shots.  The trip was a hampered by rain as one would expect in this part of the country.  But we did see some snow so it was worth it.


You may not be able to tell but where the “Green” arrow is pointing is a small foot bridge.  When I first saw this I thought it had been washed down stream.   However, after talking with the locals this very wide river bed was created years ago by a big mud slide.  The actual water flowing is very small when compared to the entire area.  The bridge is used to cross the river.  The yellow arrow points to a well defined foot path lined with stones.






Mt. Rainier inn is run by the park service.  It has recently been rebuilt after a fire. 




Another photo showing the width of the river bed in the years after the mud slide.



We have to paddle this one day.  Some of the greatest views in the area





Oh yes, there are giraffes in the Mt. Rainier area!  Look closely!!P4280046

You can’t go to Seattle and not visit Pikes Market!  Watch out for flying fish!