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Monday, July 17, 2023

Fishing Creek Lake July 2023

 Helpdesk, Gusto, and Pepe headed out to a new location.  The initial plan was to try the new put in on Fishing Creek and paddle south to Great Falls Lake.  However, once we arrived at Nitrolee access area, the put in was covered in a few inches if not close to half a foot of mud.  Not wanting to make a total mess of our boats, shoes and equipment we decided to look for other options.  Here are a few photos of the Nitolee access.


We ended up traveling a few miles north on highway 21 to the Fishing Creek access.  From there we completed just over 5 miles in a loop.  It was plenty hot but we took a break about half way and practiced kayak rescues.  All three of us were successful getting back in with the help of a partner kayak. 

There was surprisingly a low number of boats on the lake for a Sunday afternoon in mid summer.  It worked out great for us on this trip, however.