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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New River - 2015

Gusto, Hiking Geer, and Helpdesk braved the threat of storms to paddle the South Fork New River.  We started this trip by leaving our shuttle vehicle at the New River State Park (221 Access) where we would later set up camp.    We moved all the kayaks to Gusto’s SUV and headed south to the Wagoner Access.  This first leg was 10.2 miles and was helpdesks favorite part of the two day trip.  The second leg was just under 9 miles from 221 access camp site to the Kings Creek takeout.
Click the map for a full version.Map_of_New_River_2015
Day 1 Stats:Day_1_Stats
Interesting how we averaged almost the same speed both days ~3.5 mph.  Not sure what I was doing to get up to 9mph on day one.  Sometimes the GPS will pick up short quick movements and logs them.  Or we can go with the fact I paddle fast at times.  I like the fast paddle theory.
Day 2 Stats:Day_2_Stats

Here is a short (Very short preview of the video) I still have to edit about 30 minutes of footage into something manageable.  This is the first time I have shot 1080p and 60 frames per second so I have about 10 Gigs of video data to work with.  I think I need a new computer!

If you look closely you can see the bottom of the river. It is about 20 inches deep in this section (just a guess).  Here is the full trip condensed down to about 5 minutes.

Found a great way to handle the extra video footage.  This is about 20 minutes of video time-lapsed into less than 2 minutes.   Great way to show more of the New River in less time.  I would say I was paddling this fast but you know better than that.  Check out Gusto at the 1 minute mark as he tries to pass me.  Naw, that ain't gonna happen. You got to paddle harder than that Gusto.

To get the full GPS data visit our EveryTrail site here